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Trucklebed Bengal Katz 'n' Maus

View of our local beauty spot,
Wilne Reservoir.
Photography courtesy of Anita

Our names are Anita and Mike Aldridge and together with our son Jon, we run the local Veterinary Surgery in our village. We have been able to look after and breed with our Bengal cats. All our cats are home reared (the kittens were born on our settee!) and they all have the run of the house. They mix very well with our neutered  Bengals and our other non-pedigree but special cats. In fact we have a “male nurse ginger” neutered tom, who insists on organising all the feeding and cleaning of the kittens. Woes betide us if things are not done on time!

We have three breeding females, Lotte, Liesl and Manya who have delighted us with their gentle and fun loving lively personalities – which have been passed on to their kittens. These have well marked pelts and plenty of glitter.
We also have Laoise and Loen, two absolutely beautiful Egyptian Mau’s. Both have had recent litters.

Next we have a young Singapura ‘Siofra’- this breed is the smallest cat in the world, but she more than makes up for it - she gets along famously with all the rest of the crew. The bengals have taken her in and snuggle up to sleep with her even though they are 4 times the size. We have 2 of her kittens available to re-home at present.

Another addition is our British Shorthair, Caoimhe, a stunning silver spotted girl. We expect to have a further litter from her this year.

Finally we have a spectacular new addition to the fold; Rhiannon, a beautiful well rosetted brown bengal, from the world renowned and prestigious Llandar pedigree. We have included her photo in the collage above. We will breed from her later this year , and look forward to seeing her kittens.